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Can the use of Nootropics really change your brain functioning?


Now we all must have come across the term Nootropics at some point of our lives. Many might not know exactly what they are and what they really do. So today we will look into the subject a little deeper and see all the benefits that the use of Nootropics has to offer. Nootropics are basically known as a smart drug that helps people with getting a better functioning brain and also its eugeroic action helps people to remain active and alert. The term Nootropics was initially coined in the year 1972 by a Romanian psychologist named Corneliu E. Giurgea. This term comes from the Greek word “vouc” which means minds and “trepein” which means to turn. This, therefore, tries to establish that the use of Nootropics will help the person to turn or change their mind. This, therefore, acts on the brain of the person. So if you too are looking for ways that will help you improve your brain functioning than the use of smart drugs is for you.

The use of Nootropics for better cognition

Cognition of a person plays a very important role in maintaining and regulating a number of factors in the person. It is the cognition of a person that is responsible for maintaining a number of factors in the person such as the memory, attitude, the ability to process any information, etc. therefore we all are very keen in looking for ways that will help to improve the cognition of the person. It is also the cognition of a person that is responsible for deciding the IQ of the person. Now we all are aware of the importance of IQ, the higher the value the smarter the person is. In average, it is seen that a person has an IQ of about 90 to 120. However, if a person has a value of more than 120 than they are considered smarter. Thus the use of the smart drug helps in improving the cognition of the person. The intake of a smart drug like Nuvigil smart drug helps a person to have a better memory, concentration, improves the IQ of the person, and enhances their creativity and the executive functioning of the brain. Thus the use of Nuvigil smart drug is advisable to people who are willing to be more productive. Students who are above the age of 17 years should too take Nuvigil as your smart drug to perform better in their exams.

The facts you should be aware of before the use of nootropics

•    The use of nootropics is not for people who are suffering from health issues such as the heart, kidney, and liver.

•    Use of nootropics can affect the fetus and the child in pregnant and lactating women. The component of the medicine can cross the blood barrier of the person and therefore reaches the child. In lactating mother, the compounds of the medicine can reach the infant are through breastfeeding.

•    The use of Nootropic must be done one time in a day.

•    Take the dosage that is being advised to you. Taking the dose more than advised can cause a side effect on the person. Click here to know more.

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